Welcome to the second episode of the Autoimmune Resolution Podcast.

My name is Katherine Housh and I’ll be your host. I help women with chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety and digestive issues, break free from fear and stop flare-ups in their tracks by learning to speak their body’s language.

In today’s episode, I want to explore more of my story with you and share a little bit about the different treatments and protocols and modalities I tried along the way – some that helped some that didn’t – and ultimately how all of it led me to the work that I do today as an educator of the principles of Germanic Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine).

I shared with you last week about my initial autoimmune diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. When you’re dealing with a digestive issue like inflammatory bowel disease, pursuing nutrition and dietary changes seems like a logical course of action, right? And so that’s what I did. Under the guidance of my mother, who has always been insistent on feeding us healthy food, but that became even more imperative for her when I got sick.

To be honest, as somebody who has tried it all, I’ve done gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, I’ve eliminated basically any group that you can think of – I’ve gone nut free because of an intolerance. I’ve tried the Autoimmune Protocol. I’ve tried to Specific Carbohydrate Diet and even coached people through these protocols at different points in my business because that’s what everybody else was doing. Nutrition was the foundation of holistic health and wellness coaching for many, many years and I’m not going to knock the power of eating healthy. Food is absolutely the building blocks of every cell in your body, but it’s not the whole story.

I see a lot of my clients today coming to me with different forms of disordered eating after trying something like an elimination diet. And if you look at the culture that surrounds some of these more restrictive approaches to eating and nutrition, I’m not denying the fact that they come with the best of intentions, nutrition Science is fascinating. It’s a really great topic to dig deep into if it’s something that you love. The problem is that many of these forms and styles of eating like AIP and SCD were only meant to be temporary. They were never meant to be an entire lifestyle.

If you look at many of the influencers in these spheres, they identify with and their entire lifestyle is built around the way that they eat. It’s in their name. It’s in their bio, it’s in their posts of food, it’s in the recipes that they share. And it comes up when they talk about going on vacation or going out to social functions or restaurants to eat and how it’s such a limitation and it brings on so much anxiety and stress.

We have to look at that and say, “Is is it doing more harm than good?”

If you can’t live your life because you’ve decided the only way that you can stay healthy is by avoiding certain foods that the body is meant to enjoy, I think it’s worth a second look.

That’s what happened to me. When I had my second diagnosis, I mentioned how my health crashed after my mother died and I had been her caregiver for years, that was when I found myself out here in California. I was bedridden. I couldn’t take care of myself. I had to move in with my husband’s family at the time, couldn’t work, couldn’t earn a living. I was engaged in a legal battle with the hospital for malpractice and was surviving on very limited unemployment income from my previous employer.

As many of you can relate to, I’m sure, when you’re that sick, you’re looking for anything in your life that you can control in hopes that by doing so you can fix yourself. So the first thing that I knew to look to was food. I didn’t have an appetite. I wasn’t sleeping at night. I was reliving trauma in my head, but I was forcing myself to eat the healthiest, most organic, nutrient dense whole foods I could think of that also would not trigger some sort of intolerance or sensitivity response in my body.

My poor husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, and I was asking him to spend all his hard earned money on getting me organic blueberries, organic sweet potatoes, organic kale, organic chicken every single day on repeat and it becomes obsessive. I started to panic that if I one thing wrong, I would slide back down any progress that I had made. I would live for the next meal, two bites of food that I would take because I was eating so restricted.

I lost so much weight. My clothes were hanging off of my already slender frame and people were concerned, but it was under the guise of healthy eating.

My intention really was I just wanted to give my body everything it needed to get better. I didn’t want to give it sugar. I didn’t want to give it caffeine. I didn’t want to give it seed oils or anything that I had been taught would impair my gut health and my ability to heal.

At the same time, here I was completely isolated from a support system from any place or anyone familiar. I’d just lost my mother. I had just endured this huge smear campaign and slander from a narcissistic abuser. I mean looking back now with what I understand about trauma, how emotional, psychological, and biological conflicts affect our physical health, it’s really clear to me and my symptoms make perfect sense since I’ve learned to speak my body language.

At the time, it was just that nightmare of every waking hour not understanding what was happening in my body and living in that cycle of fear.

I want to let you know I don’t really put trigger warnings on my content. I am a trauma-informed practitioner, so I try to make anything I share safe for you to consume. I try to find a balance, so that means sometimes you might hear things that could be triggering, but I trust you to have the tools to be able to regulate yourself if you need to if you need to press pause on this podcast anytime, you’re welcome to do so. Please come back when you’re ready.

I also promised not to go so deep and dramatic, but I think it’s important to know the details of the story and my hope is less that what I share will trigger you and more that it’ll resonate with you and you’ll think, “Man, if she was there, and that’s where I am, and that’s where I’ve been, but look how well she’s doing, that gives me hope.”

Like I said, I had tried all the nutrition, all the supplements and I just wasn’t getting better at a rate that was acceptable to me for the things that I wanted to accomplish in my life. I was telling Jordan, my now husband, I didn’t think we should get married because I didn’t want to be a burden. I didn’t see how I could ever be independent or able to contribute to our household in any way. I’m forever a pessimist and he’s an optimist. Fortunately, he bucked me at every possible term and he saw a positive outcome. I just couldn’t see it when he could.

I was having all the symptoms of limbic system nervous system dysregulation.

I had a complete intolerance to light and sound and sleep with headphones and a mask on but the slightest little adjustment in my climate would send me jumping and my nervous reeling and I would have these huge dumps of, you know, adrenaline to my system that would set off these panic attacks.

When I went to my naturopath and she tested the neurotransmitters in my urine (like my norepinephrine) and they were off the charts. So I was just living in this fight-or-flight cycle around the clock and I could feel it.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety. I had a severe episode with panic disorder when I was about 20 after my first romantic relationship broke up and it triggered a lot of repressed traumatic memories – nothing that I had ever experienced. up until that point in my 12 years with an autoimmune diagnosis.

Nothing could compare to what I was going through at that time and just the misery that I felt, I would lay there, staring out the window, waiting for Jordan to come home from work every day because that was my only connection to the outside world – my social interaction, my love and affection, the only time I felt safe.

I’d say it was pathetic, but at the same time, if you’re listening and you’ve been in that position, you know how that feels to be so sick that everybody else in your life kind of forgets about you for a while. They don’t understand what’s going on, right? And so I remember at that time I hadn’t been introduced to any program like DNRS or some of the other wonderful brain retraining programs that are out there on the market today, so I was just grasping at my own knowledge or anything I could research on the internet or in books about brain retraining, neuroplasticity, Polyvagal theory, energy medicine – and I was putting together my own protocol.

When you’re that sick and you’re laying in bed all day, you have nothing else better to do than to think about your health and try anything, right? And these things were available to me for free. That’s one good thing about the internet, because I didn’t have money to invest in a coach or practitioner at the time and I was truly living minute to minute.

I moved in fear of the next adrenaline dump. While I was in the hospital I had the rapid response team called on me for extremely high blood pressure, at risk of a stroke. I lived in this fear that every dump of adrenaline was going to be dangerous to me.

I share that with you because it isn’t true. It felt true at the time. I have no shame in admitting that I’m a lifelong hypochondriac. Nursing school didn’t make it any better because suddenly I actually had science to back up all the horrible things that I thought were happening to me. But in that headspace of living minute to minute, my file of different treatments, protocols, modalities, things that I’ve been researching, it really started as an exercise to to try to prevent the next panic attack.

I would lay there and I learned about the different meridians in the body energetically that are tied to different organs and how they each have their own hour of the day when they’re in the spotlight and they’re functioning optimally. Every hour, the clock would switch over and I look at my chart of my meridians and say, “Okay, 7am, stomach meridian. I’m going to prime my digestion,” and I would literally lay there for an hour going through every single acupressure point on the stomach meridian.

Then would switch over. One pm was one of the hardest times of day for me that’s when it switches to small intestine, which is related to anxiety. I’d be massaging down the points on my small intestine meridian and could feel the tension and my muscles and the pain and the tenderness and I just started developing this relationship with my body where I would talk to it through the touch of acupressure and it would respond back to me, either with pain or tension or relief or tension.

The worst time of day for me was like the 3 to 5 pm hours when your bladder meridian is at the front and that’s when that fear and panic really comes up. And so I learned slowly, slowly, day after day to start anticipating these shifts during the day so that they didn’t catch me off guard anymore. I would look at the clock and say, “Okay, it’s 3pm, it’s bladder meridian time and I’m going to feel more anxious. What can I do to attend to myself to regulate myself in this moment?”

I started to learn different forms of breathwork. I did take some prescription medications at that time of days with the specific intention to feel more calm. I tried natural supplements, and then somewhere around 6 pm, Jordan would come home I would start to feel safer in my body and have a few good hours of energy, which is really common if you have any sort of adrenal issue that you kind of pick up in stamina for a little window at the end of the day.

I would use that time to get up and out of bed, maybe make a meal for the next day, do self-care, a little bit of socialization, but again, I couldn’t take much sensory stimulation things that were too bright or too loud.

Then I would go back to sleep and then wake up each morning and do it all over again. I did this for six months. Somewhere along the way I started to realize that my healing was happening, not because of anything that I’m doing, just by allowing my body to be, because your body is always trying to take you back to homeostasis. It’s always trying to take you back to healing.

So I wasn’t healing myself with energy medicine. That was actually just like a communication style that helped me be more in tune and listen to my body is understand that my body was saying, “Katherine, I gotcha. I know what to do. I’ve been helping you and your heartbeat automatically from the day you were born and nothing has changed. I need you to trust me. I need you to stop perpetuating this cycle of fear. And I need you to just lean into, relax into the discomfort.”

It’s such a Western mentality to avoid pain and avoid discomfort. That’s where we get fearful and start to panic, “Oh no, I’m not comfortable. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to fix? What’s broken?”

One of the best things that I have learned from this journey, especially my dive into German Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine), is understanding that pain, inflammation, discomfort are all signs of the body healing and repairing itself.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I used to think I didn’t have a high pain tolerance. What I realized is that I don’t have a really high uncertainty tolerance. By learning what each symptom means, giving me just a little bit of certainty, not absolute certainty, certainly not absolute control, but just a little bit more understanding why I’m feeling what I’m feeling – it drastically reduces the fear.

When the fear drastically reduces, so does that fight-or-flight response in your body and remember, the body cannot heal when you’re in fight-or-flight. That is a sympathetic response for survival. If you are in that state for too long because of the level of adrenaline and cortisol pumping through your veins, you will not survive, the body starts to break down.

That’s why you have this reflex in your body where if the level of activation gets too high, your body actually shuts you down into a dorsal vagal state that’s kind of the freeze response where it’s almost that your body hibernates because it’s like, “Whoa, you can’t keep going at that pace,” or, like I said, “You’re gonna burn out, so we’re just going to completely shut you down into dorsal vagal, which is a parasympathetic state.”

The parasympathetic of the nervous system is the only state in which we can heal. It’s the only state in which your body can repair itself and rebuild and rejuvenate.

So part of this protocol that I was designing for myself, flying by the seat of my pants was to spend every hour of every day figuring out how can I keep myself in a parasympathetic state for the majority of hours during the day so my body can repair itself so my adrenals can come back online, so my gut lining can heal, so that it’s not spilling these crazy amounts of epinephrine and adrenaline into my blood system and sending me all these panic attacks.

It really starts with the information that you’re feeding your subconscious. You have to learn to signal safety to that part of your brain by what you think, by what you say, by how you feel, by the things that you sense, by the people you allow around you, the environment you choose to be in.

When you learn to create a daily routine that is consistently signaling safety to your body, that’s when you stay in a parasympathetic state long enough for your tissues, your organs, whatever has been affected symptomatically to begin to heal. I mentioned in one of my recent Instagram posts that the order of operations in this process is really important. Knowing whether you’re in a sympathetic or parasympathetic state, whether you’re in a conflict active or healing phase according to Germanic Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine) is vital.

Otherwise you could be investing time, money, energy, and resources into tools like nutrition, like detox, like all that money, time, and effort and energy could be wasted and going down the drain if you don’t have some of these other things in place first.

Nutrition alone will not heal you. Mindset alone will not heal you. Nervous system regulation alone will not heal you. From a recovery on a psychological level, emotional work alone will not heal you. You need all of these pieces together. And this is what I’ve designed in my Autoimmune Resolution Method.

We start with the mindset. You stop feeding yourself the fear and the way we can stop feeding ourselves fear is by learning to speak our body language by learning the five biological laws and the principles of Germanic Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine).

We start to understand why our body is doing what it’s doing and we feel a real bit more certainty, a little bit more control. Not necessarily of the process, but of our thoughts about the process, and we can watch it unfold and we can observe it and witness it and feel safe in it. We don’t have to feed ourselves anxious, fearful thoughts that dysregulated our nervous system.

Once we learn the right thoughts to feed ourselves, we then move on to regulating the nervous system and creating that sense of safety and holding on to that space within ourselves more than 50% of the day. We give our bodies the best chance to heal and they’re doing the healing all on their own. It’s nothing that we’re doing. It’s something that we’re allowing for, showing the body its language of sensation.

The senses are what we see what we smell, what we taste, waht we hear, what we feel. We use those as eaxamples to show the subconscious what faith feels like when we start relishing in that, marinating in that, so that we feel our nervous system calm down.

We know that the next phase of healing is beginning and sometimes when we’re in that parasympathetic state, that allows things to rise to the surface that need to be processed. It’s not always that big. Sometimes it’s just little sensations of emotion, of grief, of anger, of fear that are still leftover. Now that we’re regulated, we can start to tend to these emotions, to work through them, to release them, to accept the message that they bring to us and then let them go so they don’t stay in our psyche and our body and our tissue. W

e start letting go of lots of things. It almost becomes addictive and this wonderfully freeing way of releasing the burden from your shoulders and learning what it actually means to let go of things. The concept I really didn’t understand was how it’s actually possible to choose to let something go so that you’re no longer burdened by it.

Of course, after we’ve done this wonderful job of pulling all these weeds – the negative thoughts, dysregulated nervous systems, toxic emotions – we’re left with what is essentially the garden bed of our mind, tilled soil, freshly fertilized and we get to pick what we plant in there. We get to choose what type of person we want to be moving forward.

From a Germanic Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine) perspective, we want to become the type of person that is no longer affected or caught off guard by the types of conflicts that initially set all our symptoms in motion. So that’s why when people say that they’ve gone into remission from an autoimmune diagnosis, what they mean is that they’ve worked through some sort of conflict, some sort of threats in their immediate environment or their relationships.

They worked through it to this place and gotten to this place where it could no longer impact them or affect them the way it had in the past. And therefore their body no longer had any reason to adapt to try to protect them or to carry this burden or to help them survive. They believed that they could let that go. They could exist in a state of safety, this ventral vagal state of parasympathetic mode where you feel engaged, connected to other people, to yourself, to your purpose, and you’re able to spend your precious mental and emotional energy on things that fill you up and bring you joy, that give you momentum moving forward to this bigger vision that you have in your life.

That’s so much more than that space of just waking up every day, living minute to minute, hour to hour, trying to survive symptoms.

So if this sounds like what you’re looking for, if this is what you feel like it’s the next step on your journey, if you’ve done all the protocols, done all the diets done all the supplements and the detoxes done all the body work and the breath work and you really want to move the needle forward like you’ve never had before, then I really want to encourage you to check out this additional puzzle piece of Germanic Healing Knowledge (German New Medicine).

I will continue to share more about it in future podcast episodes, but I truly believe that it is the missing puzzle piece that ties together everything else that you’ve already mastered.

If you say, “There’s just something missing and I’m not where I want to be, I’m just not seeing the results that I want,” yet you may not yet have clarity on exactly how you should be targeting each of these therapies, that’s what I train people to do through my clinics.

I will help you understand the biological conflict that is driving your  symptoms and what you need to do to resolve it so you can move on to the next stage of healing.

I’ll be releasing a new episode every Friday. You can go ahead and subscribe on your favorite platform.

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Please join me in the comments as I post each new episode. Let me know what you think of it and what questions you have. I would love to inspire you to start looking at your health from a different perspective as well.

If there’s one thing that I have learned through all these ups and downs, it’s that our bodies are never attacking us. They’re always trying to help us survive. Our symptoms are not mistakes. They’re not random. They are messages from the bodies that are specific, intentional, and purposeful.

Once we learn to speak our body’s language, then we’re better able to identify and resolve the true root causes of our symptoms.

My invitation to you this week is to start getting curious about your own symptoms, about your own body, about whatever messages may be coming up for you about what needs attention in your life right now.

I will be back next week with a new story so stay curious and I will see you next Friday.

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