Integrative Resolution Coach Certification Program



Join the 60-hour training program to integrate German New Medicine and somatic work into your current practice as a Wellness Coach or Practitioner to help your clients resolve their conflicts and reverse chronic symptoms.

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A true mentorship for healers
ready to take their results to the next level.


We don’t just teach you a bunch of tools. We show you how to APPLY the ones you already have to resolve your client’s conflicts.

Does this sound like you?

You started on your own journey of healing first and after achieving incredible results, you turned to helping others. Like many entrepreneurs, you may still struggle with feelings of impostor syndrome at times, so you sought multiple certifications to feel “legit.”

Somewhere along the way you were introduced to the paradigm that is German New Medicine and you were inspired, “This is amazing! I want to use this to help my clients.”

Very quickly, however, you looked at the modality you’ve been using (nutrition, bodywork, homeopathy, chiropractic, etc.) and began to wonder if it was possible to fuse the two together.

Underneath it all, there’s a desire to bring the truth of our bodies’ own natural healing mechanisms to the bigger collective, but the idea of rebranding and reimagining your business structure feels overwhelming.

What if there was a way to make it easier on yourself? What if you could continue to practice as you do while ALSO integrating a lens of the 5 Biological Laws. We call this “Root Cause Consciousness.”

You have the potential to learn which phase of healing requires nutrition detox or a deep tissue massage. You can recognize the essential oils that can retrain your brain to dissolve tracks or offer a chiropractic adjustment during a conflict active phase to reset the vagus nerve.

It’s your time to make your vision a reality and the possibilities are endless!

Imagine 10 months from now:

After mastering the art of facilitating resolutions and creating transformations for your clients, you are no longer beholden to the old business structure of protocols and supplements or one-time services.

Your clients no longer panic when experiencing symptoms, but they know they can partner with you to navigate any phase of healing. The changes they see go beyond symptom management – they are reversing symptoms and living a full life that is beyond their wildest dreams!

On top of the amazing client results, you notice a flow and ease in your own life. Business is better than ever and new leads flow in daily. Your social media presence is booming and you are a go-to expert in your field with a leg up on the other practitioners who haven’t integrated GNM.

As a Coach and Practitioner, you feel the difference – there is a new abundance. You hold a deep belief in the work you do and its ability to reverse the real root cause of fatigue, bloating, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, infertility, hair loss, skin rashes, anxiety/panic attacks, and more.

This program is truly revolutionary. It is an investment in your current and future health and happiness.

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Learn to facilitate resolutions like these with German New Medicine:


You don’t need to have perfect health before you can help others. This program is designed to help YOU heal while learning to implement our Root Cause Consciousness Framework.

Meet Your GNM Coaching Instructor
Katherine Housh, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC, TICC

I am passionate about helping Wellness Coaches and Practitioners spread our mission to create freedom from fear when it comes to chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

I know many of us were taught the traditional path of nutrition, elimination diets, cleanses, biohacking, and restrictive protocols.

I truly believe that German New Medicine is the key to unlocking all other modalities.

My goal is to take the lead in teaching healers how to actually help their clients RESOLVE their symptoms.

I want to train you in our step-by-step framework to get raving reviews and exponential income.

After all, this is a passion, but also a business! (If you’re not making money, you can’t help others on a greater scale.) 

That’s why our certification program is designed with a built-in business mentorship.

I’ll teach you the exact systems and strategies I implemented. The world needs more of your unique gifts and talents. I’m here to help you hold the vision.

I’m on a mission to help Coaches and Practitioners build the business of their dreams WHILE achieving incredible client results with GNM + somatic work.

You’re invited to join the movement.

Are you in?

This isn’t just a Coach Certification. It’s a BUSINESS MENTORSHIP. Our goal is to make you profitable before you graduate. 

Access to ALL Root Cause Clinics and Masterclasses + Video Lessons, Conflict Workbooks, Resource Library, and more in the Chronic Wellness Collective

The Details (10 months access):

Guided OR Self-Paced 24-Week Online Course
Grasp foundational concepts through easy-to-listen to podcast-type audio lessons

Daily Group Chat in Mighty Networks:
Mon-Fri peer networking, collaborations, and cheerleading

Weekly Certification Classes (and Replays):
Live teaching and practice sessions focused on the ICF Core Competencies for Coaching and our Root Cause Consciousness™ Framework

Weekly Coaching Practicum:
Supervised coaching sessions with practice partners, recorded for feedback

Ongoing Business Mentorship:
Implement the action steps needed to get client leads and scale your income

PAY IN FULL and receive a BONUS 1:1 Session with Katherine