Welcome back to the wholesale revolution. My name is Katherine and I’ll be your host, retired nurse, trauma informed coach, German new medicine consultant and somatic practitioner and I help women with chronic symptoms break flee from restrictive protocols and diet so they can reintroduce their favorite foods and create a life they don’t have to heal from. One question I get all the time when I share my message is, are you saying that it doesn’t matter when I eat? Are you saying I can just eat junk food and be healthy because I’m not sure I believe that, what about so and so that did AIP diet or so until that only drink celery juice in my heels? Are you saying Germany medicine teaches that my sickness is all emotional? It’s all in my head. And since I get all those questions so often, I figured I better clear things up. That’s what I’m going to talk about in today’s episode. There’s a lot of fear out there. I have folks coming to me who are diagnosed with celiac. And they’re told that you know, if they get gluten, they won’t recover for months and months. And there are businesses out there that have meal planning apps and communities built around what you can and cannot eat. You have the miracle testimonies that come from some fad where you just consume one certain type of food or juice over and over and over again. And I want to say if you’ve done one of those approaches to healing and you feel better and you can truly say you are living your best life, your symptoms have reversed. I am so happy for you and I don’t want to talk you out of whatever you believe or whatever was successful for you. I’m talking to those of you out there who like myself. have restricted
all the things clean you so good at following on You’re perfect. And you can’t figure out because I’ve been there so yeah my sickest only tolerate three to five students or so I go
to the grocery store every day to get organic blueberries, chicken and sweet potatoes and I eat those on repeat, love federate and just trying to heal myself. Because it’s an appealing thought, right? That something I ingest can make me feel better. And if you’re here it’s probably because you’re not really into conventional medicine. You didn’t want to try pharmaceutical drugs or biologic infusions, surgery and then you thought I’ll go the holistic route. You know, maybe there’s food that I can use as medicine and I’m not saying that’s wrong. But if you take nothing else away from today’s episode, please understand this food or any specific food, or the toxins in the food is neither the cause nor the cure of chronic illness. Now there are some important correlations where food plays a part in supporting a healing process that’s already in motion. But that doesn’t mean that the food is what’s curing the person and eating red dye 40 is not what causes cancer. Drinking celery juice is not what cure. Do we still want to stay away from my dad 40 Probably can still reduce the healthy sometimes. Here’s the Doctor hommerson Dr. Homer is the physician, the medical physician that discovered the what he calls the five biological locks. He’s unalterable truths about how the human body is designed, and functions. He said an individual who eats properly is less susceptible to suffer biological complex that is self evident. It’s a lot like why get as many cancers as before because the rich are able to resolve many complex simply by pulling out their checkbook and writing a check of preventing cancer or any other disease through diet is impossible. Because even a healthy diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring. In nature, the strong and healthy animal will naturally suffer fewer cancers than the one that is weak or aged. But this does not mean that being old is therefore carcinogenic. So what is the real root cause? Not saying that your sickness is just emotional. It’s not all in your head. You didn’t cause it. Germany medicine as discovered by Dr. Homer is very clear about the biological nature of symptoms. This goes beyond simple mind body medicine, emotional healing or trauma work. I totally into all of that. I practice a lot of it with my clients like food, nutrition, these are all connected in the overall health of your body. But they are not the cause. According to Germany medicine, a cause of physical adaptations and alterations in your body that some call illness or disease are the results of biological complex and there are three criteria for what constitutes a conflict. First of all, it has to be something acute and distressing, where it feels like your survival is threatened. This doesn’t always mean that you know you’re being chased by a tiger. It could be like, you know, you lose your job, and you don’t know how you’re going to pay for groceries. That’s a shock for some people. If the second criteria is that you were caught off guard it was completely unexpected. You were unprepared. You never saw it coming. So like if you knew there was gonna be a downsizing in your company and you were already starting to look for other positions and they said now we have to let you go. That might not be a biological shock. If your boss pulls you into their office one day and says you’re fired, and you’re like what I had no, I didn’t see this coming. That can be a shock, especially if the third criteria is present, which is that you are isolated or lacking support. Anytime we feel like a trial that we’re going through is unique to us and nobody else has ever experienced it like this before No one understands and we have no one to help us. That is always going to make it feel like a deeper threat on a subconscious biological level. So after we experience a complex shock, as you may or may not already know, your body goes into a survival state. We call this an active conflict where your brain is working night and day to try and come up with a resolution. You know, how am I going to find another job? How am I going to pay for what my kids need? How are we going to survive this and you can have trouble sleeping at night or tossing and turning your heart is racing you don’t have much of an appetite until you can solve this problem this threat when a resolution is accomplished, so maybe you find another job or you start receiving unemployment temporarily and it starts to downgrade the conflict. You’re like okay, we’re gonna figure this out and find a job. We’re not going to start we have a roof over our heads. Then you go into what we call a healing phase. And this is where you can actually get really tired. You can get a little headachy you can be a bit feverish. You may have diarrhea or a skin rash or something that shows that the body is repairing itself. The body is always responsible for healing itself we cannot alter that timeline. So if you have a conflict and you’re in that conflict active phase where you can’t eat, can’t sleep, and you drink celery juice. You’re not going to cure yourself because you still don’t have a job you still don’t know how you’re gonna pay your bills. Right? And during that time, that you’re stressing about that conflict. You may have physical changes happening in your intestine or your skin or somewhere in your body that you’re not even aware of. Because you’re not symptomatic yet. And when the conflict gets resolved and you start healing those tissues start repairing themselves. That’s why you have the diarrhea that’s why you have the skin rash. That’s why you have the fever, the chills, pain. This is your body going undergoing a deep renovation. You cannot alter that timeline. Just by avoiding gluten or drinking celery juice. The tissues in your body are pre programmed to take a certain amount of time to repair themselves. So we have to remember that the only cause and cure of any disease or symptoms is trusting the body’s own natural biological healing processes. So example, you talk about getting fired from your job. You don’t know how you’re gonna pay your bills. You start experiencing an indigestible morsel conflict with an element of lack and your small intestine. Extra cells to increase the surface so you have more room for absorption. More secretion of digestive substances is going on pretty much undetected by you. You don’t know about it until you find that new job. And now your small intestine says okay, read resolved. Go into healing phase we’re going to remove all those extra cells and all of a sudden you start having diarrhea and cramping and plus, plus and maybe a little blood in your stools nothing is wrong. Your body is just resetting and once you know that it takes away so much of the fear and I’m going to talk a little bit later about how nutrition at that stage of healing can be helpful. Like I said, it’s not going to repair your body any quicker. It’s going to take as long as it’s going to take for the microbes to decompose and eliminate those extra cells. Functional Testing. That’s the primary example of what a conflict active and healing phase succession looks like. Here are some other examples of when you might be a little confused and think that food is the issue for you. At the moment accomplished occurs your subconscious mind is quiet. It’s absorbing like all this sensory information from your surroundings. What you can see what you can taste and smell we feel and it’s keeping that data stored in your brain in a file. We call these tracks that present at the exact moment of conflict and your subconscious mind isn’t sure if it’s feeling threatened because of one of those environmental factors or because of you know, the altercation you’re having with your boss or listening to your parents fighting or something like that. So say for example, you’re a little kid, you’re sitting at the dinner table, you spill your glass of milk, and your mom starts yelling at you. In that moment you feel threatened because your mother is angry. Made a mistake in the past you’ve upset. But there’s also milk present and milk is very directly tied to this conflict. You’re literally crying over spilled milk and so in that moment, your brain is storing the milk as a possible threat. Because after all, if you hadn’t spilled milk, you wouldn’t be getting yelled at. This can lead somebody to become lactose intolerant every time. That kid drinks milk in the future. They are their subconscious mind their body tissues are reminded of that if they got yelled at for spilling milk and they started having digestive upset. The good news is tracks can be dissolved when a conflict
can also address them with brain injury training. How do we do that? I mentioned that in practical terms with a job loss scenario getting a good paying job with a kind boss could be a resolution. That resolution can lead to healing which looks like diarrhea which often confuses people Why am I feeling worse now that life is getting better right? And so when they’re in that healing phase with the diarrhea they try and elimination diet they cut out gluten and dairy and inflammatory foods and eventually feel better and they give credit to the diet. In reality, the body was healing itself and that was going to happen no matter what, as long as they stayed on this positive path of employment. Let’s see how we get a little confused. Like why did I feel worse and then I cut up the foods and I felt better. It was actually felt worse because I resolved my conflict and went into healing and then I felt better when the healing phase was completed. In the case of the spilled milk. A kid might grow up and move out. They separate from the household with angry parents longer feel like they have to walk on eggshells, and suddenly they’re able to eat ice cream to drink milk no problem unless as many of us experience you don’t resolve that pattern. And you grow up and you end up in a relationship with somebody who’s angry and you have to walk on eggshells at the house with with them. And that reminds you of what it was like growing up and you’ve remained lactose intolerant. Still feel I could be yelled at. So in that case, you know that’s where I help people do the deeper rewiring work regulating their nervous system changing old patterns so that we can change the programming in our subconscious that our body is responding to. There’s a third type of complex shock I see today that can relate that can result in food related symptoms. And it looks like this you’re scrolling through social media you see a post about this shocking research about evil blue. And in that moment you decide gluten is the cause of all your problems and you develop the belief that it’s indigestible and then every time you eat it, your body breaks out. You vomit, you have diarrhea, you break out in a rash. Because on a subconscious level, you believe that the blue is bad. So again, this requires brain retraining, regulation to tolerate things that you were taught with that and to gradually reintroduce them safely effectively. This is what we teach in the autoimmune resolution membership. So again, I asked the question doesn’t matter what we eat. On a very broad level of course, while food cannot cause or cure disease, it can make the body better able to withstand or recover from a conflict and healing phase when they do occur. During an active complex the body is in fight or flight and digestion is offline. This is why nausea and constipation can be common. eating small meals with enhanced nutrition and supplementation can support the body through the stress phase. While your mind is trying to figure out a resolution. Then as you enter a healing phase, you may notice more of an appetite. This is the phase when most people feel drawn to a certain diet or nutrition protocol. Their intention is to alleviate the discomfort of the healing phase. That’s where we can be a little misled. There’s nothing wrong with following a nutrition protocol. As long as we’re not expecting that protocol or the specific foods on it to be the thing that fixes us. We have to view the foods that we choose to eat as support for the body while the body repairs itself. Healthy, nutrient dense Whole Foods deliver more energy and building blocks for your organs and tissues to use in the healing phase. And the less toxins pesticides, preservatives and food additives present and what we eat and the less energy the body has to waste on excreting them. So of course when you’re able to make good food as long as the right intention and ultimately it is the psyche, the subconscious mind. disease begins in this does not mean that just having strong emotions makes you sick. But when your psyche or subconscious mind detects or perceives a threat in some way, lose a job parents are fighting friend criticizes you deadline for work etc. Your brain your physical brain controls processes in the body. Adapt the organs and tissues and this is where we target to work with our method. And this is exactly why I always say that German new medicine is the lens through which we apply other modalities knowing German new medicine allows us to target nutrition or other healing protocols to the right phase of our healing process. You can continue to use healthy foods in a supportive, nourishing way for your body. But knowing the five biological laws lets you know whether you’re in a conflict activates and you need to eat less and supplement more concentrated nutrients or maybe you’re in a healing phase and you need more protein and soft cooked foods or maybe you’re in the very tail end of healing phase B and this is the time for a bit of fasting or detoxing to clean up the extracellular debris. Ultimately my mission here with both the autoimmune resolution and the whole self resolution is to help you understand that you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You are wonderfully designed, or symptoms are merely messages from the body about what needs attention in your life, your psyche, your perception of your life. Your body is always trying to help you not harm you. We can love our bodies for trying to help us heal even when it’s uncomfortable or at times painful when we understand what’s happening below the surface and you have everything you need to heal. So if you’re tired of throwing away money on all of the supplements, you’re tired of missing out on life and social events because you stress about every bite that you put in your mouth. We just want to break free from that feeling of being trapped in only eating a certain way for the rest of your life. That’s what I help people do. Nutrition becomes something that you use as a tool flexibly in harmony with nature and the seasons in your body. In a way that feels good and loving and nourishing not in a way that feels cold and restrictive and punishing. And when all is said and done. A whole self revolution is about creating a life you don’t grow from because when you strengthen the muscle of your psyche when you find the courage and the boundaries to make your circumstances in life reflect the authentic person you are inside. You become less susceptible to conflicts and therefore experience fewer symptoms, if not completely reverse them. I know this because I’ve been able to do it with my own diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, pots, anxiety, and even adrenal insufficiency. And my success came not through the many, many diets that I tried. But through taking radical responsibility for my own thoughts, perceptions, feelings and actions in life in building a life that I love to wake up to every day, if you would like to learn how you can do the same. Our monthly autoimmune resolution membership is now open and I’m accepting applications for the full self revolution mastermind beginning in January. See you next week.