Private Coaching Packages

Rachel Foster helps clients with Bipolar II disorder and mental health.

As a registered nurse, she has experiencing navigating the healthcare system from both sides. She has successfully applied GNM work to her own emotional healing and resiliency and is excited to support others on the same journey. This could lead to more stability in moods and personal goals, as well as a decreased dependency on pharmacologic treatment and medications.

Hayley Smith helps clients with chronic pain, fatigue, and thyroid.

A graduate of the Autoimmune Resolution program herself, she loves to help others apply the science of German New Medicine that helped her make her own progress in healing. Her goal is to help you learn to give yourself more patience, rest, and understanding with less focus and pressure on productivity. Changing old thinking patterns with compassion and support is key!

Elizabeth DeGasperi helps clients with anxiety and self-esteem.

As a teacher for ten years, Liz learned to hold space with patience and empathy. She knows what it’s like to help a client navigate big emotions with safety and warmth. Her goal is to help you identify your path to healing by asking powerful questions and deep listening. She believes you can overcome people pleasing and codependency to step into a more authentic, confident version of yourself.