Hello and welcome to the first episode of the whole self Revolution podcast. This is a project that has been wanting most out of me for months now and I was just waiting for the timing and the topic that felt aligned that I hear I’m ready to go. And I feel like this thing has the power behind it to keep it going for a long time. So, a little bit about me. I’m Katherine Housh. I’m a retired nurse and a current trauma informed coach, German new medicine consultant, and somatic practitioner and I help women. Reverse chronic symptoms reintroduce their favorite foods and reveal their authentic selves, so they can create a life that they don’t have to heal from. And that’s the topic that I wanted to discuss today. One of the questions I get most often in my DMs on social media and my group programs and my one on one clients is why am I not healing? Maybe you can relate. They’ve done all the things they’ve read all the books they’ve tried all the fads and still they are tired, inflamed, in pain unfulfilled and they feel like am I not going deep
enough or wide enough? Am I not trying hard enough? Should I go back to that old protocol and just double down and be even better at
it? I work with a lot of type A perfectionist sort of personalities. Maybe because I’m recovering this one myself. I don’t know. The answer is actually rather simple. When we ask the right question, and the question why am I not heal well our body is always hearing. This is one of the core principles I appreciated most from Germany medicine is our body knows how to heal itself. We don’t need to teach it. We come out of the womb. Like from the first cell division. Our body knows how to heal itself because it’s always seeking repair and rebuilding and strengthening for our survival. More than just healing the physical body, our consciousness, our subconsciousness are seeking wholeness. So the question is not why am I not healing? The question is Where am I not feeling? Cool? I actually just got off a call this morning with a really powerful client. And we’ve been working together a few weeks from now we have really great intellectual conversations where there’s a lot of logic and reasoning and analysis and application of the five biological laws of Germany medicine. This person has their own background and history of research and knowledge on the topic of alternative health and healing. Well, what I said to this person today was like, let’s drop out of the head for a minute. And let’s connect with the heart. Let’s connect to the body. Let’s get a glimmer of what you really want in life. And what we found when we did that was two things. Number one, we found this deep glowing resonating experience of a life they want a feeling loved and supported unconditionally while pursuing your passion and your purpose. And they were a little shocked by that feeling because it didn’t really feel like anything they’ve experienced before it wasn’t familiar. And then when I had them lean into that sensation, and let me get as big as it as big as it needed to get to feel real in the moment. Immediately it was shut down by layers and layers of what they described as anxiety. That parent voice in the head saying, This isn’t what you should want. This isn’t how life works. It’s never going to happen for you. And that is what I’m talking about. Your body knows how to heal your consciousness if you want to call it your heart, your soul, whatever that part of you is, that is feelings and intuition that wants you to be but we live in a world where we have an imperfect experience. A lot of us are separated from not only nature, but higher power source of energy higher than our own. And we’re running on this faulty programming that we’ve carried around since childhood which is often our parents voices, sometimes other authority figures teachers that somebody at some point in our life had an impact on us and created in our mind our idea of what we thought we should want but when we get in touch with the sensations and feelings within our body, we often find that there’s a misalignment. You know, when I was a registered nurse, I worked for years in the clinical setting and in hospitals and so many of us are taught to seek relief from those uncomfortable sensations and feelings in our body by taking a pill or getting a treatment or scheduling a surgery. Because we think that if we are feeling the discomfort of pain or anxiety that it means something is wrong with us inherently. It’s no different functional nutrition. If you’re having digestive problems, they recommend eliminating coulis of foods to try and cure what ails you are detox protocols to get rid of everything that’s bad in your body, even in German new medicine and people, people just want to identify the conflict and resolve it so you don’t have to sit in this discomfort anymore. People will go to any lengths possible to dissociate the sensations and feelings in their heart and their body. Rather than listening to those sensations and feelings, and using that valuable wisdom, to guide the choices that they make, to change and shift their internal life and perspective so that their external reality matches who they really want to be that whole version of themselves. So this is why my mission for 2024 is to create a full revolution. And I’m committed to this in my role as a coach and a mentor and a teacher by not staying small myself and not continuing to show up in answer questions that are coming from a small brace. This isn’t about shaming because really from an educational perspective, no question is too small and I love teaching I love imparting knowledge. But when it comes to what you may call healing or what I call becoming cool, we need to ask the big questions that lead to big shifts, which lead to big results. And I’m here to guide nurture and support those of you who are ready to ask those big questions even if they’re uncomfortable, even if there’s some anxiety even if there’s some growing pains involved. Can you relate? Can you relate to what I’m talking about? Have you continued searching for the next practitioner the next program the next protocol that’s going to heal you without having to shift those internal perceptions and experiences? Are you still hoping that maybe there’s an easy answer or a quick fix outside of yourself? So you can just keep cruising along with life as it has been? Maybe for decades at this point. I like the matte approach to healing as like you’re in a sinking boat and you have a bucket and you’re just trying to get the water out to keep afloat. If you’re trying to keep afloat in your life as it is now if you’re trying to keep afloat, showing up as a person you are now you will be bailing yourself out with
the buckets of programs and protocols and elimination diets the rest of your life
and if that’s what you want, I am totally fine. Respecting your decision. But if you want that if you want to be bailing yourself out this is not the place for you because this is the place for people who are tired of bailing themselves out. They’re gonna bring the boat ashore for a moment, and they’re gonna give it a good inspection. They’re gonna repair the parts of it that are leaking. They’re going to completely transform and renovate that boat before getting back out on the water. And then they’re gonna have a completely different journey from that point forward. One of the keys is to listen to your body and stop dissociating. From these sensations that already a vital source of wisdom. We live in a culture that emphasizes and elevates the logical thoughts in your head. The problem with just the box in our head is they’re often not ours. They’re often somebody else’s thoughts that have been instilled or imparted into our own. They can often stem from the ego, and our thoughts can mislead us. Your body rarely does. When you have that visceral repulsion to something or anxiety or this feeling like this path is not right for me. Trust that. I’m gonna explain a little more in a moment, but a second key is to love your body for helping you become whole we have to let go of a story that I’m broken and I’m never going to heal and I am a victim of this diagnosis and I don’t know why this happened to me and nobody else. Your body is not broken. You are not your diagnosis, your body likely was nudging and whispering to you for years and years. But you have the luxury of ignoring it and pushing through and following the goals and half and life that somebody else told you was right for you. And so your body gets louder and louder and louder and still until it starts screaming by then we’re confused because we just become so used to being associated and ignoring our body that when it’s screaming, we’re like, Hey, what’s your problem? What’s going on? Where did this come from? Oh, it’s so random. It just happened one day. I have no idea where it came from. It’s not true. We can trace that path back to the beginning and recognize when we started to get off the path that was right for us. And that’s when the body started speaking to us but if we didn’t understand his language, we ignored it for we push through. So again, the key is to love your body and all the ways that it is trying to help you become full, even if that looks like pain, fatigue and inflammation temporarily for now. A third key to becoming cool is to have the courage to live the life you are meant to live. Even if that means forging a path no one has ever been on before you even if it looks different than everything you’ve known previously. I’ve been fascinated with studying psychology since I was a teenager. And one of the things that became abundantly clear to me at a young age is that every single individual on this planet is unique. Now we have many shared threads and collective experiences but you are like no one that has come before you. Just let that sink in for a minute. If you were to spend your time and energy, living someone else’s life the life of somebody else, the way they thought your life should look. Very often this comes from parents, you know they want their children to follow the path that they feel is you know work for them should work for you. totally natural. But if you were to spend your precious time and energy and gifts It’s like wearing clothing that doesn’t fit or wasn’t tailored for you. It’s always going to be a little uncomfortable. You’re always going to be kind of readjusting it versus stepping into an outfit that is just pure comfort and it hugs all the right parts of your body and it moves with you. It’s like yes, this was made for me. Have you ever experienced a day like that right like a day where you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes or shoes and just everything is annoying and irritating and nothing works right? And then you get into your favorite comfortable clothes and it’s just like everything opens up and feels amazing and you can think clearly and be present and have conversations so are you living a life that doesn’t fit? Because if you’re living a life that doesn’t fit. We’re looking for tools and exercises and meal plans and somatic routines to try and force yourself to fit into that life. You’re gonna stay uncomfortable. I advocate using the tools and exercises and meal plans and somatic routines if you’re using them as access points to connect with your deep inner knowing your intuition and this isn’t something mystical or mythical. Your intuition is your subconscious. This is a scientifically proven part of your existence, your brain, neurological functioning and your subconscious stores, piles and piles of information that it has immediate access to at any given moment. This is a wealth of information that can guide you. Me making a good decision at any given moment in your life. So many of us are in a situation where that internal filing system subconscious pops open and says hey, here’s some information that might be useful to you because you’ve had experiences before that could offer wisdom in this present moment. And we just slam that file cabinet shut and we go forward. Usually sourcing our information externally from someone else something we heard. If you feel heavy, constricted tense and in pain, you’re likely not living in alignment with your True Self and higher purpose. You will know when you are in alignment because you will feel lightness relief, freedom and joy. And it takes support skills and persistence to rewire the subconscious to release old patterns that are weighing you down and to step into the loving light of your authentic self. This work is vital not just to relieve your pain, inflammation and fatigue, your digestive issues. But because the world needs more of what you the real noob has to offer. This is your gift. This is your gift to other humans. This is your gift to your higher power. This is your gift to your family, your friends, kill yourself. And this is why my mission is to help you unlock yours. I do this with my whole self revolution mentorship and this is the only space I am offering this year to work with me to expand your capacity to thrive and become the person you are meant to be. The version of you that is whole and healthy. Does this resonate with you? This is coming straight from my heart to yours. I look forward to going deeper into these topics and upcoming podcast episodes. And in the meantime, you can find me on Instagram at wholesale revolution. Give me a follow send me a DM with the word home.
And I will
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